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19 years old. Filipina. Goto Maki's biggest fan slave girl, Mirakuru Believer since 2005 and overall Hello!Project/AKB48 fanatic. Addicted to nail art, tiaras and visual-kei boys, but who isn't? J'aime parler français, et vous? A bibliophile, and can't get enough of Supernatural, Prison Break & Dr. Who. Mrs. Edward Cullen. A long-time member of IDOLS/ANONYMOUS. Slytherin. Has high hopes of becoming an English teacher in Japan. Her historical heroine is Marie Antoinette. No Berryz, No Life. パーティー! パーティー!


Goto Maki. Morning Musume. Berryz Koubou. THE Possible. AKB48. the GazettE. Hamasaki Ayumi. Bi Rain. Utada Hikaru. Nakagawa Shoko. 9nine. Leah Dizon. Masukawa Tsubasa. Alice Nine. Kitano Kii. Zac Efron. Wentworth Miller. Twilight. Kayo Aiko. Gackt. Plastic Tree. SweetS. Antic Cafe. Miyavi. Biyuuden. Kamiki Aya. W. Pipo☆Angels. sifow. Ogura Yuko. OLIVIA. Vanness Wu. L'arc~en~ciel. Versailles. Within Temptation. Nagasaki Rina. TVXQ. Gaspard Ulliel.


This journal is in 日本語/English, and FRIENDS ONLY! Layout and mood theme features 久住 小春 (Kusumi Koharu) from Morning Musume and profile features members of THE ポッシボー (THE Possible). Original codings from mintyapple and machinebattery. All graphics © to me, unless stated otherwise. For my icons, please visit himawari icons.